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When you submit to television shows, movies, stage or modeling gigs, you hear direct from the directors, photographers or producers of the project..this is what some of our members are saying about facefinder.net.

Be sure to share your success stories with us so that we may post your picture and feedback here on this page...

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Paul Coughlan, Member ID: 771
"The professional and easy to manage style of FaceFinder.net is exceptional. The courteous view counter encourages you to work harder on your career so as to build a stronger overall page and therefore get more alerts. The alerts alone are like having a virtual agent."
  Maspeth, NY
JR Garcia, Member ID: 8043
"FaceFinder.net is one of the best online talent searches. I get numerous hits daily and I never miss one! Just by putting providing my cell phone number I get a text message letting me know when I fit a role! I would definitely recommend this service to anyone wanting a big break!"
  Arroyo Grande, CA
Crystal Jack, Member ID: 10127
"i just siqned suscribed to facefinder and it was very easy to set up, im looking forward to the great outcome."
  Fontana, CA
John Helms, Member ID: 9991
"Id like to say, Im down for Work! Im actually more Interested in doing film, television, and modeling I am a bit of an oxymoron.. Im in theatre, but I am way into sports, Im also a Republican and a Evangelical Christian. Dont hate, because I dont!:) Much love, John Henry Helms III"
  San Clemente, CA
Clinton Marshall, Member ID: 9681
"I am new to acting and to the LA area and within days Face Finder had me on Featured Face! This is an awesome site to post photos and best of all FaceFinder is FREE! I am looking forward to getting text messages with upcoming auditions in LA or Nationally. Thank You!"
  Newport Beach, CA
Erin Crawford, Member ID: 2601
"Facefinder has helped me by promoting me on their Featured Face. I appreciate all Facefinder has done!"
  Dallas, TX
James Morey, Member ID: 8595
"thanks to facefinder, i just acted in my first short film "How to be a Loan Shark" in miami, fl. the director found me through facefinder.com. it was a great experience. i am a professional musician but now i have the bug for acting too! thanks so much for your help. "
  St. Petersburg, FL
"Sending My resume from the tools face Finder offer facilitates my life and I've got many new roles. I am very satisfied and happy with this service I always recomend to the ppl I meet in castings and films :)"
  Garden Grove, CA
Autumn Strother, Member ID: 9188
"I am so excited about this website! This site gives a boat load of information that doesn't come easy in this acting world. As soon as I was signed up I was the featured face! All my brothers and sisters were excited to see me front page. This is truly the best site for exposure."
  Imperial Beach, CA
Crystal Wilson, Member ID: 6872
"I logged in to my facefinder account and discovered an add promoting me for the CW on wwhotv and wanted to cry. I couldn't believe the support that I was getting from this site. The gig wasn't even something I had found on this site, and yet, they still have my back!! Absolutely unbelievable. I had sent out a mass email to my friends, asking for their votes, and facefinder (from that email alone) went out of their way to create something extra special, just for me. I cant thank you enough. Facefinder.net is number 1!! -Crystal"
  Columbus, OH
Annie Sendyk, Member ID: 8618
"Simple yet professional site. Makes it easy for people to get out there."
  L.A, CA
Sharayah Boswell, Member ID: 8560
"I absolutely love face finder, im a new member trying to meet new people! A few days ago i was the featured face and was proud to be chosen for it! Come check out my profile! Thanks! Shaya"
  Dalton, GA
Rayane Gurgel, Member ID: 8149
"Face Finder has been very important for my career. They have done a wonderful job of incorporating the essence of our needs and orientation into a website that demonstrates a whole new level of this type of network. There are tons of benefits of their work. I highly recommend them."
  West Hollywood, CA
Tony Funk, Member ID: 1085
"Hi Guys, Having been a member of facefinders.net since 2004, I wanted to drop you a note to compliment you not only on the advances and improvements to the site since I originally joined, but also comment on the high quality of your casting leads. I've had membership with similar "pay sites" that offer less and actually charged the talent. My thanks to you for creating an outstanding environment for talent, casting and production to meet. I'll keep you posted on the outcome of some of my pending assignments that I found right here on Facefinder.net! Tony Funk Actor/Model "
  Houston, TX
Valerie Jones, Member ID: 8261
"This site soars above any other site I've joined. Why? It's user-friendly and gives me the avenue[s] (profesional) I need to promote my career (ie --zed cards, resume, updates and invites). The best part: It's Free. Free, Friendly...Fantastic. Who wouldn't want to join. I guess that's why I've told all my friends about FACEfinder.net. They are all members! ...only makes sense. "
  Jacksonville, FL
Yana Zhovinsky, Member ID: 7904
"Face Finder is a great first step to getting exposure in the industry, epsecially for those who live far away from the main markets of Los Angeles and New York. I appreciate using this tool to find projects to work on. "
  Antelope, CA
Chad Creigh, Member ID: 7122
"Chad is so excited that he was contacted directly from facefinder for a casting that otherwise we would not have known about, and are very much interested in auditioning for. Keep up the good work facefinder. "
  Ansonia, CT
Evajoye Mendoza, Member ID: 8173
"Being new to LA FaceFinder.net has been a great tool in helping me find work! Thanks to everyone that works to keep this website going!!!"
  Pasadena, CA
Marte Mejstrik, Member ID: 3371
"I find Facefinder to be one of the most user friendly sites for the actor to use. The ease at which you can setup your profile, edit your resume and submit to projects is fantastic. I will continue to look to Facefinder as a primary resource for my acting career. Thank You, Marte Mejstrik"
  San Francisco, CA
Alander Pulliam, Member ID: 8012
"I've got an Call Back From The TV Show, "Unfabulous." and I was so amazed, I even started to drop a tear."
  Mablevale, AR
Paul Howard, Member ID: 8090
"What I love about FaceFinder is that it automatically sends me an email every time there is an audition that is right for me! Unlike a lot of other sites, that send you emails anytime, ANYTHING new is posted on the site, whether it is appropriate for you, or not! With FaceFinder, when I'm busy, I don't have to worry about checking the site, I know it will let me know if there is anything that I should submit to!! It's all about being more effective and saving time!"
  Los Angeles, CA
Joao Joao, Member ID: 8271
"I would like to thanks you guys, because I made good connections here, and I will be using it for ever. Thank you again."
  San Diego, CA
Toby Roland, Member ID: 8056
"If you are an actor anywhere on this earth, find this site, because there is no stronger friend to the actor like FaceFinder.net no, exaggeration. Their devotion to the actor, is not comparable anywhere on the internet, I strongly recommend them to all entertainment industry professionals. I personally thank you for your continued support. Keep up the great work, it means so much to me as an actor to have these guys in my corner, you have been the start of my good fortune this year. You are definitely coming for the ride, wouldn't have it any other way. All good things......www.tobyroland.com"
  Los Angeles, CA
Tian Kitchen, Member ID: 8073
"This site ROCKS! I have sent all my friends in the industry the link to this, one of the best sites (FREE or otherwise) for an online resume, portfolio etc. You have to try it!"
  Los Angeles, CA
Eugenia Karolyi, Member ID: 3184
" ...I love adding photos, updating my resume, it's all so easy to do! Plus, being just a click away from sending my portfolio and resume to so many castings is just great! Thumbs up for online submission! I live in Miami and have already submitted to castings here as well as in NY and L.A. Thank you very much!"
  Miami, FL
Jeff White, Member ID: 4012
"..I received 3 call backs in my first 7 days, I could not be happier with the service from Facefinder.net. you have been an invaluable source of auditions. I have received calls from all over the us and north america."
  Stroudsburg, PA
Arianna Coltellacci, Member ID: 2972
"It has been a year that I've been with facefinder.net and it is the most amazing site I have ever used! I live in Florida and I work a lot, though I'll soon be moving to los angeles because so much work is available there...all because of facefinder!"
  Surfside, FL
Nicole Jordan, Member ID: 153
"Thank You to Facefinder.net, I love the Facefinder University calls. Nobody else offers the ability to talk, get advise and ask questions of industry professionals and get honest answers and positive feedback! I learn new things every week that are advancing my acting career everyday!"
  El Sobrante, CA
Stephan Smith Collins, Member ID: 779
"..Actors/Models have to keep on top of the game and market ourselves effectively every day. It's nice to know Facefinder.net is dedicated to helping us..."
  Valley Village, CA
Tom Doyle, Member ID: 2335
"..Facefinder.net has been a valuable resource for me. I e-mailed the ZED card to my agent and that led to an audition that I booked today."
  Thornton, CO
Stuart Frazier, Member ID: 2214
"..Facefinder.net has a great visual layout, better than most. Just looking at it made me want to be a part of it... "
  Muncie, IN

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