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Tony Funk
Hght: 5'11   Wght: 169 eyes: Green  hair: Brown/Shaved
Location: Tx
Contact: Available Upon Login
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MISC:: If you are interested in considering me, don't let distance come between us! I'm eager and interested in building my career and am available and willing to travel for bona-fide auditions and/or assignments w/ as little as 24 hour notice (Travel expenses are negotiable depending on project).
Music: DJ/Spinning - Dance Music
Acting: Drama, Comedy, Reality, Emcee/Host
Voice-Over: Radio, Various Recorded & Live, Emcee/Host
Modeling: Promotional, Print, Runway, Club/Event Party Motivation
Other Professional Experience: Sales, Marketing, Management, Residential Contruction (Remodeling/New Construction), Food Service
Equipment: Automobile, Motorcycle (street and off-road), Bicycle, Mountain Bike, Unicycle, Heavy Equipment (construction)
Dialects: English, Southern, Country, Some Impersonations
Dance: Ballroom, Tap, Club
Athletics: Basket Ball, Football, Soccer, Base/Softball, Swimming, Equestrian, Sailing, Water Ski, Snowboard, Track and Field, Weight Lift, Archery, Marksman

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