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Hometown to Hollywood
Your Virtual Community in the Entertainment Industry!

facefinder.com is a 100% free service to help actors & models, both aspiring and experienced, obtain polished exposure via the World Wide Web. Never before has there been a more professional, stylish and useful avenue for talent to display to the world their experience, ambition and personal style.

In this era of Reality TV, production companies are continuously searching nationwide for that new fresh face. facefinder.com offers an equally dynamic free service to production personnel who are invited to post new and reoccurring shows direct to the talent within our database in hopes of discovering the next big star.

Every role for every production posted is scanned against our talent database, a match prompts an immediate notification to the actor/model via email, SMS and our members virtual green room. facefinder.com offers numerous custom tools to help the talent stylishly and professionally represent themselves when submitting to the casting opportunities .

Our tools are custom and include a virtual resume, virtual comp card, virtual image gallery, our exclusive OneSheet, our exclusive screen saver and the ability to submit to any of the posted roles free of charge. Production members who have utilized facefinder.com include casting agents representing companies like MTV, CBS, Soap Network and many more (over 230).

It is important to note that Facefinder LLC is not an agency nor a management firm and we profit neither from talent nor production companies in any way.

Virtual Portfolio:
Look professional 24/7 with a virtual portfolio developed by award winning web designers!

(1) Space for 20 head/body shots
(2) resume, zed card, onesheet links
(3) Personal Measurements
(4) Agency Displayed (if applicable)
(5) Voting System (if desired)
(6) Personal Message

Your Account lets you update your portfolio on the fly. For security purposes, only logged in production clientele can view your city and email. Others view only your state and agency (if applicable).

Production clientele may bookmark your profile and contact you/your agent regarding upcoming projects.

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Virtual Comp Card (zed card):
A dynamic comp card that can utilize any of your properly formatted images you have on file with facefinder.com.

Using the latest web technology, your specific stats, your name, your agent and any 5 of your available images will be displayed in a stylish virtual presentation that is printable & Flip able!

24/7 you may choose your images, update your information and send out an invite to view your Virtual Zed Card from any internet connection.

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Your entire portfolio printable on
one sheet of paper.

Our OneSheet is revolutionary and represents your entire virtual portfolio on One Sheet of paper. Image thumbnails, measurements, statistical data and contact information all at your fingertips for more exposure!

Printed on 8.5x11 glossy photo paper creates a One Sheet suitable to submit as a hard copy for upcoming projects.

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Virtual Resume Builder, facefinder.comProfessional Resume:
The only industry standard and professionally
stylized virtual resume on the web...

Available to anyone 24/7 from any internet connection.
Update all information and head shot at any time with no concern for formatting...we do all of that for you..on the fly!

Our exclusive resume wizard allows you to build your resume in minutes either print it or electronically submit it with one simple click.

Electronic Submissions send your resume via HTML formatting to the casting director of that project. This means no attachment and no link. Your resume is viewed as you see above in the viewers inbox.

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Video PodCast

How you represent yourself says a lot about your seriousness to be discovered!

With the recent release of the Video iPod selling over 1 million units in under 20 days...it is clear that the video PodCast is quickly becoming a powerful tool on many levels.

Members of facefinder.com are able to have their demo reel and/or PodFolio offered on iTunes to it's millions of members via the facefinder.com Podcast. Video iPods are rapidly spreading through Hollywood, submitting VHS Demo Reels will soon be a thing of the past!


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SmartCast is Your Virtual Agent.
Our SmartCast system takes every individual role from every project posted and looks to you first to see if you meet the needs of the role...if you do, you're notified immediately!

Roles are analyzed on 3 different levels:

3 Stars = Roles matching your gender, age, ethnicity and location.
     2 Stars = Roles matching your gender, sex & ethnicity but location may vary
           1 Star = Roles may match your gender or ethnicity, but for the most part are very open.

Electronic Submissions: For those roles allowing electronic submissions facefinder.com has raised the bar offering a two click submission process
(1) choose the role from a drop down list
(2) Submit.

The casting company will receive a perfectly formatted and professional resume from you regarding the selected role with a small note from you.

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Wireless Casting Alerts:

Wireless casting notices to your cell phone.

Not every casting call gets sent to you..only those that match your profile. Members have the option to have facefinder.com broadcast your specific casting alerts to your email, back office and your mobile phone.

Our casting calls are filtered and specifically meet your age, sex, ethnicity and location on 3 different levels. Your ability to receive these casting notices anywhere, at anytime, could mean the difference between being passed over, and being seen!

Note: Also from facefinder.com will be the ability for casting directors to dynamically organize casting calls and request your attendance, on the fly and to your phone.

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For Production Personnel

Our exclusive 'FastCast' breakdown system allows production personnel too quickly and painlessly create new online casting projects which scans the talent database and immediately notifies members of a new role that matches their criteria.

In addition, production personnel may post, edit, inactivate or activate any one of their breakdowns and any one of their roles. They also may set an Expiration Date so that they can post it and leave it. The Expire Date will not allow their posting to be visible once the expire date is exceeded.

Our FastCast system loves electronic submissions and makes it easy for production personnel to post a role then, via their back office, sit back and review those who have submitted. They may then bookmark, delete, contact or set up an audition request.

Browse the Talent
: Production personnel may search the online talent by numerous credentials.

Electronic Audition Request (E.A.R): In the works is our exclusive Electronic Audition Request which will allow production personnel to post a breakdown, pick and choose the talent they want to see, then with a few quick clicks, automatically request their presence on a specific day, time and location for an audition.

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